Nutrition: Thoughts for Food

The age of information is supposedly an era of technological and scientific breakthroughs, where constant discoveries are being made and milestones are continuously expanding as we strive to reach higher heights. The cascading effects of advancement are even leading us to rediscover the ancient wisdom that lies at the base of our most important everyday choices. One clear example of this is our food choices.

We always hear about the saying “you are what you eat,” yet emerging research is beginning to show that this is not precisely true. It is an incomplete statement. Just because we put something inside our bodies, doesn’t mean that we can digest and assimilate it. Just because we have our healthy daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats, it doesn’t mean that we are reaping all the benefits from them.

So the question is, why? Why do our bodies do that? Firstly, if we look at the increasing demands of this postmodern society, the majority of the general populace are being encouraged or urged towards a faster and more hectic lifestyle in order to maximize time, and subsequently increasing their productivity. More often than not, time is gained by reducing the time we put into other less “important” matters, or so it seems.

nutrition foodWe want more speed for everything, so much so that somehow somewhere along the way we’ve managed to settle for cheaper alternatives, nutritionally void lookalikes, and chemical-laden shelf foods in the name of convenience. The priority of understanding our food source, the growing and harvesting practices, and generally forming a strong rapport with our local food producers has been reversed into wanting faster preparations and increase convenience instead. This trend will only continue unless we make a collective effort to change it. Nutrition is essential to optimum function of our bodies. If we discount the importance of making conscious food choices, we will inevitably do more harm to our bodies. And in the end, we will be the ones to suffer as well, but we are not yet doomed to that fate.

So, start eating properly. After all, we need the right source of fuel to power our bodies. Just like how we need to match the correct types of fuel to their corresponding vehicles. It wouldn’t work too well, otherwise, now would it?  

Ways To Lose Weight More Quickly

There are no easy ways to lose weight fast, but there are ways for you to achieve a slimmer body in a few weeks’ time, with the proper guidance for diet and exercise. Losing weight gives a lot of benefits to someone. If you are able to do your diet correctly, you are on to having your self-esteem back in not time, due to the positive changes in your appearance.

Doing the right diet should not just make you beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. The tips for the best ways to lose weight fast are just some of the few tips you can take in order to have a successful diet. Feel free to explore the different ways to keep body toned and lean. Just always remember to stay focused on your goal, and in case you go astray, you must know how to go back from where you have started.

– You must combine exercise with any diet that will limit fat and calories inside your body. Exercising at least twice daily is enough to shed the extra pounds faster.

weight loss download– If you are thinking of what exercise to do, a simple cardio in one hour will do. This will only involve a few minutes of jogging and walking.

– You can hire a professional instructor of yoga. Yoga is one of the best exercise routines you can take if you want to have a toner body and relaxed mind.

– Never try to follow diet programs alone. Keep in mind that what you see on the internet, will not always give you the best. Consult a professional in order to guide you on the proper diet that you should have, and let you understand the ways to lose weight fast.

– Follow the diet and exercise plan set for you religiously, so that you can expect positive results in no time.

A lot of people may be deceived by the multitude of diet programs online, and claiming that weight loss can happen in an instant. Honestly, there are no ways to lose weight fast, because this job requires hard work and perseverance. Furthermore, losing weight does not mean you have to starve yourself totally, in order to shed off the extra pounds in just a matter of days. This practice will not be helpful, especially when it comes to your health.

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment, commonly referred to as spinal manipulation, manual manipulation, or chiropractic manipulation, is one of the best therapeutic treatments for the lower back pain. Typically, this kind of adjustment refers to a procedure where chiropractor (spinal and/or pain doctor) uses a small tool/instrument or his/her hands to apply a sudden and controlled force to a spinal joint.

The overall objective of a chiropractic adjustment is to correct structural alignments as well as improving the physical function of the body. In other words, the above care is designed to reduce the subluxation, which helps in reducing nerve irritation and increasing the range of motion around joints.

The elements of a chiropractic adjustment

Typically, chiropractic adjustment involves a range of activities, which include the following:

  • chiropractic images (1)It starts with an application of sudden force to the vertebra. In most cases, if hands are not used to do so, chiropractors will employ a high-velocity, short-levered arm.
  • Upon of application of sudden force, a gas (which is audible) will be released at the joint cavity. Inherently, joint pressure will be released in form of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.
  • Once the pressure has been released, the patient gets a relieving sensation. However, if the patient tenses up or there is a contraction in the surrounding muscles, the patient will experience a minor discomfort during the chiropractic care. Nevertheless, the discomfort/pain lasts for a very short duration, and soon the patient will be entirely relieved.

Are there side effects with chiropractic adjustment?

Despite the fact that the chiropractic adjustment is safe, some patients have reported minor soreness and aching in the muscles or spinal joints. However, as mentioned, this aching and soreness occurs typically within the first few hours of post-adjustment and does not last longer. In fact, in less than 24 hours, all minor side effects will be gone, and if it persists, it is advisable that you apply an ice pack to accelerate recovery.


Nutrition Tips – The Best Foods for Losing Weight

Losing weight does not mean having to starve yourself. When you starve the body, sure it will lose the excess fat, but then it also means that the body will also lose the essential fats needed to survive. It must be understood completely that the body needs sustenance to keep itself functioning and it needs the nutrition of good and healthy foods to keep it healthy and strong.

The best way to lose the excess weight is by actually eating meals in smaller quantities four to six times in a day. The number of times eaten in a day will make the body not crave huge amounts of calories in one meal. Eating three times a day actually, makes the body crave for more food than it actually needs a meal. By eating several small quantity meals several times, not only will the body not get too hungry, but it will also lessen the craving. Drinking a lot of water will also stave off the hunger between meals as well as hydrate the body on the cellular level.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables and raw fruits, fish instead of red meat, lean meats instead of fatty pork and chicken, cut down on the soda even if they are labeled ‘diet’ and most of all, exercise and plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Before you know it, the pounds will have not only melted away, but your skin is glowing and your body is healthy.

Most of the foods that we are used to eating are actually food that we buy in a fast food or from taking out. These are ladened with chemicals that open our taste buds but in nutrition, they are at the low end of health.

Coffee, nicotine and alcohol will make the body not only absorb its poisons, but will increase the gastric juices and give you heartburn, but the alcohol will make sure that the liver will forget all other activities but to flush it out. This will only increase the quantity of bad cholesterol and fat in the body.

Anything that is an animal or cattle by product are actually not good for the body and it is best not to base your diet on them. Eating sugar and sweets like in desserts will also have to be lowered considerably.

weight loss images (1)Don’t think that by eating healthy you would be sacrificing the flavors of the food. On the contrary, good food is not only nutritious and healthy; it is also delicious if you give it the chance to prove itself. For example, substitute sugar with honey. Not only is it healthier because of its nutritional value, but it is natural and unprocessed therefore easier for the body to break down and absorb.

Another example is to use herbs and spices to flavor foods. There are products that can enhance flavors without having to resort to salt. Instead of coffee, try taking tea instead. Tea is known to be important to health because it not only washes out the toxins from the body, but it also has enough caffeine to satisfy the caffeine addict. The caffeine content is not as high though and this makes it a much healthier choice.

Green tea is a very popular beverage, not only for its great and refreshing taste, but because of the Teavago, which is a pure, natural and caffeine-free Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCC). This powerful antioxidant is an effective fat burner that enhances the body’s metabolism. Obviously this is a big help to your weight management program.

It is also very important that when going on a nutritious diet you should also go on a workout program. This will help promote sweat which is the body’s way of eliminating the toxins from the body. With exercise, the muscle will demand more food and the body would respond by breaking down the foods eaten faster and more efficiently. This way, the nutrition intake is sped up and the body would lose the unwanted pounds and instead start developing healthier muscles. The result would be a lean and toned body that are usually seen in fitness models.

Going on a diet to lose weight does not mean to totally give up on taste and flavors. Exchange the taste induced by chemicals with those of natural fruits and spices.

An Introduction to Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic care? Essentially, this is an alternative medicine practice, which focuses on alleviating and curing pain or injury caused by poor posture, repetitive use or trauma. Chiropractors evaluate the body in all its entirety through what are known as chiropractic adjustments. As such, they view the body as a “living” machine.

The moment a joint is injured or misaligned, this machine’s ability to operate smoothly is greatly impeded. Structural body issues can also trigger inflammation, nerve pressure along with other subsequent mobility and flexibility challenges. Basically, chiropractic care is comprised of 3 phases of treatment: relief, corrective and maintenance care.

Chiropractic relief care

This initial treatment plan offers temporary relief to symptoms and pain. It entails minimizing inflammation and restoring joint function via spinal adjustments. This involves healing and fortifying the soft tissues and unknotting overly tight muscles.

Chiropractic corrective care

This second treatment phase concerns itself on effectively dealing with trauma and faulty muscle patterns. It’s generally a lengthy treatment, whose duration is determined by several factors. This includes the state and integrity of the spine, physical condition and age of patient. The extent of the injury and its exact duration. Corrective care integrates rehabilitative exercises, soft tissue therapy and spine adjustments.

imagesChiropractic maintenance care

This is the last phase of chiropractic care that is designed to uphold the integrity of the spinal cord. As day-to-day activities tend to exert bio-mechanical stress on the body, it is vital to monitor the health and well-being of your spine. Typically, chiropractic maintenance care consists of intermittent assessments accompanied with regular adjustments.

Both of which are critical in permitting the prompt detection of minor mis-alignments, prior to their becoming symptomatic or well established. The benefits that this chiropractic treatment plan offers are many. Some of the most notable of which include facilitating for improved posture. Improving body function, enhancing athletic performance as well as significantly reducing the risk of sustaining physical injuries. Well, now you know the importance of a chiropractor.